No:224, 5 August 2015, Press Release Regarding the Statement of Nabil Elaraby, Secretary General of the League of Arab States, About Turkey

Kahire Büyükelçiliği 06.08.2015

We condemn and reject the statement of Mr. Nabil Elaraby, Secretary General of the League of Arab States, issued yesterday (4 August) regarding Turkey’s operations carried out against PKK/KCK terrorist organization, sheltering in the north of Iraq.

Although different cooperation schemes, including the “Tripartite Mechanism”, have been established with the Iraqi authorities since 2003 for the prevention of the existence and the activities of PKK/KCK terrorist organization in the territories of Iraq, the camps of PKK/KCK in north of Iraq have not been shut down and the organization has sustained its activities in this region for ammunition, explosives and logistical support, as well as recruitment and training, while continuing to perpetrate terror attacks against Turkey.

In an environment, where the Iraqi Government clearly expresses that it lacks the ability to prevent the PKK/KCK terrorist attacks against Turkey and its citizens, the attitude demonstrated against Turkey’s resolute fight against terrorism that is based on the rights stemming from the international law is not comprehensible. We call on those who display this attitude to support the fight against terror, rather than terrorism itself.

This latest statement of the Secretary General of the League of Arab States, who did not voice any objections to the declaration of the terrorist organization regarding the establishment of an autonomous canton in a part of the Iraqi territory, is understood to have not been consulted within the League what so ever, and reflects his personal views. As a matter of fact, reactions are also coming from the members of the League of Arab States to the statement of Mr. Elaraby, as well.

These issues were also conveyed to Ambassador Mohammad Al-Fatah Naciri, Representative of the League of Arab States in Ankara, who was invited to this Ministry today. Moreover, it was emphasized that the statements of Mr. Elaraby cannot be accepted.


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